Bukola Bekes- Unsearchable God

Deep praise and worship to The Almighty God who deserves it all.


OLUBUKUNOLA BEKES She is described to be an exceptional Singer who hails from a music family. Olubukunola Bekes has been a chorister from her early age.download (1)
Olubukunola Bekes came from a humble beginning; she was born in Lagos State, Nigeria.
Severally she has led The Redeemed Christian Church of God Mass choir. God as helped her to compose most of the theme songs for Redeemed Special Holy Ghost Services, Conventions, and Holy Ghost Congresses.
She is one of the Praise and Worship Leader of the City of David Parish, Lagos Province 4( Apapa family Headquarter

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She is a Composer, Writer, Praise and Worship leader and a consummated singer whose stage performance captivate her audience. By the grace of God, she ministers with the RCCG National Mass Choir during the Monthly Holy Ghost Services in Redemption Camp (Nigeria) She has also ministered at the Festival of Life, one of the biggest all-night programme held at the Excel Centre London United Kingdom.



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