What is your Price?

The topic might sound a bit strange because you are not for sale, but I still ask “WHAT IS YOUR PRICE?”
Every man has a price for some, their price is attached to monetary value, some material things/needs, while some are will to sell at any price, others give it to the highest bidder, and some are free of charge! Sometimes we unknowingly place price tags on ourselves and people around(the buyers) make the utmost use of that single opportunity.

I wanted to buy a mobile phone from a friend so I invited another friend to come along with me, I was trying to buy at a lower price and he was trying to sell at a higher price, after much persuading with no avail the other friend of mine that was invited whispered to me, saying I should come back some other time the the seller would be in urgent need of cash and at that point the buyer would be the one fixing the price, some days later it happened just as He told me!

It’s funny to know how circumstance, challenges and Situations can sometimes determine our price, Imagine a man selling his landed property just to get a plate of food?
Sounds strange right? but we were told of a man who sold something of much more value just to get a plate of stew and piece if bread! -Genesis 25:29-34.

How much are you Worth?

It is so easy for we all to laugh at Esau’s poor bargaining skills but have you asked yourself  “how much am I worth? ”

  • Esau Genesis 25:29-34;
    Oh Esau, The man who gave up his birthright for a piece of bread and stew and before he could even realize what he had done, the transaction was already complete. I’m sure after this deal he must have realized the “You can’t eat your cake and have it”. What is your Price?
  • Samson- Judges 13-14;
    The story of Samson can never be told without including “Delilah”, Samson a mighty man, Terror to the Philistines, was a man that sold himself out to His enemies for what he called “love”. Well just like Samson, many of us don’t know when we place price tags on ourselves, the buyer is always around waiting for us to name our price then without hesitation he makes the purchase. What is your Price?
  • Judas Iscariot- Matthew 26: 14-16; 47-49.
    One of the Original 12 handpicked by Jesus Christ to be a disciple, He was everywhere and on every tip with Jesus yes he betrayed him, Judas sold himself to the Chief priests, (when you are marketing a product and you leave the buyer to fix the initial price then you don’t know the worth of the product and the buyer can play around with you) and he asked them to fix the price, verse 15 says ” …and said, “what are you willing to give me if I deliver him to you?…”, note he wasn’t the one that suggested 30 pieces of silver, no wonder he didn’t oppose the bargain because he was been offered far more than he worth!
    What is your Price?

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